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The world’s leading SaaS backup solution for Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace.

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Automated, Continuous backups

Protect OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Gmail, Google Contacts and more with 3x daily, automated backups or perform additional backups as needed, at any time.

Recover Quickly

Flexible restore options allow you to recover lost data quickly, while retaining file and folder structure in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace (formerly G Suite).

Simple, Per-Licence Pricing

Build simple and reliable margins with bundled solutions that include protection for clients’ Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace data.

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SaaS Protection data retention periods

Daily backups:

kept for 30 days

Weekly backups:

kept for 90 days

Monthly backups:

kept for 1 year, then stored for a custom retention period (e.g. 5 years)

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Example of how SaaS Protection works (with dates)
28/07/21: All data / items backed up 3 times today (Morning, Afternoon & Night)
From 28/08/21 – 27/11/21: The Night backup (see point above) can be restored (this is the daily backup)
From 28/11/21 – 27/08/22: The daily backups (see point above) are rolled up into a weekly backup, which can be restored
From 28/08/22: The weekly backups (see point above) are rolled up into a monthly backup, which can be restored up to the selected retention period (e.g. 5-years)